5 Golden Tips for Puppy Insurance Buyers

By Luke Blaise

For many people puppy insurance is a way to protect themselves financially from large and unexpected veterinary bills. Also by having insurance it gives many pet owners some peace of mind and it can even end up saving them a lot of money.

For those of you who've already started looking for pet insurance for puppies, you may already be aware of the large range of options available to you. This can be confusing for many first-time buyers, but here are five tips to help you get the best deal on puppy insurance.

1. Most companies have a policy against insuring pets with pre-existing medical conditions. Because of this you should insure your puppy while they are still healthy, and not wait until he gets sick.

2. The best way to get the lowest price on puppy insurance is to get at least three quotes from different companies before buying. This way you can get figure out which companies are overcharging, but also can avoid companies with an abnormally low price which might raise some red flags as to way it is so low.

3. One of the best people to ask about which insurance company is recommended are veterinary technicians. These people talk to pet owners all day long and they have the best idea of which companies pay pet insurance claims the fastest, and also which ones offer the greatest value. If you know a veterinary technician, be sure to ask them.

4. Puppy insurance can be a great way to give yourself peace of mind against unexpected bills, but you should realize that over the lifetime of pet, it can cost you several thousands of dollars. For example, if your puppy lives to be 12 years old, and your pet insurance premium is $19.95 a month, it adds up to over $2872 over your puppy's lifetime.

5. The most important tip to remember is to understand completely what is covered and what is not covered in your puppy insurance policy. This if you're not clear on what is covered you should call your company's representative and ask them to go through the policy line by line with you so you are completely clear on what kind of coverage you are getting for your monthly premium. - 32167

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Pet Scammers

By Odesi Desko

From the time a person is a child they develop a love for pets. This is carried over into adulthood and, at one time or another in life, almost everyone has a dog or cat. Unfortunately, pet scammers take advantage of these feelings to cheat people.

Puppy mills are held by several con artists around the world. Sellers receive these animals from brokers through shipping. Internet ads are then put up by the sellers, attracting buyers who take their word for it.

When they're advertising on the internet there's usually a picture of a very cute or pretty animal. The puppy is always touted as a purebred with championship abilities, and an extremely high price tag. If you want to buy, money is always required up front. The scam is that when the animals arrives, IF it ever arrives, it will not be the same one in the picture.

Another downside with these pet scammers is the guarantee they give that the animal has had its shots and is in perfect physical condition. Many of the buyers who fell for this game got a puppy that was sick and/or died soon after. Do not plan on buying any live animals for a source you cannot certify as being legitimate.

The person buying the puppy thinks they are paying for the animal they saw in the picture on the internet. What's real is that there never was an animal for sale, and the money you sent is now gone. Lots of people have lost hundreds to thousands of dollars because they thought they were buying purchasing a purebred champion - which are extremely expensive. Stay aware of this potential problem and always take the time to check with a service such as ip-hunter.com/37/index.phtml to verify the person who calls you is truly who they say they are.

One of the more common pet scams is advertising the animals are going to be shipped from another country (overseas)and the only thing buyer is responsible for the shipping charges. Needless to say, once the money is paid, the animals never show up. The buyer is left with no options for the return of the their money.

There are a lot of detailed stories told by pet scammers to engender sympathy. Sob stories abound about pets who were abandoned and are just looking for a good home, which you might provide. There are other stories about people who go overseas and have to abandon the pet they own. No matter the story, they ask for cash up front.

If you want to keep from getting scammed, verify the original owner of the pet, or its location. Try to get to where you can meet the pet face to face, or trace the lineage of the dog. You'll just end up regretting buying an expensive dog online sight unseen. It's not hard at all to get in contact with perfectly legitimate breeders. Don't trust any sort of transaction that asks for money before the product. - 32167

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Some Tips On Rehoming An Adult Dog

By Stanley Duray

There is no doubt that bringing in new puppy into the family will provide a host of fun times and excitement for everyone involved. They are really cute to look at and to play with and this is something that the entire family will enjoy. However in many cases this enjoyment might end up wearing off if the puppy ends up becoming a bit of a pain. Instead, it is a good idea for a lot of families to instead consider adopting an adult dog. Here are a few thoughts on rehoming an adult dog.

So what reasons are there and why you should get an adult dog instead of a lovely cute little puppy? Well, the most obvious reason to think awful be because they will be a lot easier to manage than a puppy would be. As said, puppies can be a real pain sometimes, and as such getting an adult dog might be a far better way to integrate a new animal into the family.

These adult dogs will have long grown out of the crazy antics that they're literally you feel happy friends will enjoy. They will be a lot more calm and far easier to deal with than a puppy would be. Then can be running around under your feet all day and after the cuteness of a puppy has worn off sometimes there is not enough left. With an adult dog however, you get what you see and they will be a lovely addition to the family from the word go with no growing pains whatsoever.

When you get an adult dog and bring them into your home they will most likely have already come through training. This would have been from their previous owner and if not from the kennels that they were staying at when you went to adopt them. They will also be neutered, and will have had lots of vaccinations already, and this can save you money.

When it comes to integrating your adult dog into their home, you need to take this slowly and understand that they are getting used to a new foreign environment. If you have other animals in the house, you need to try to help them get along as much as possible as you will not one fighting all of the time.

It is important that your patient with the new animal but also that he set out the house rules are seen as possible. If they have an accident within the house you have two ensure that you have a punishment set out to deliver. You may have to do house break the new animal if they have forgotten their training, but this is not something that should take too long to do.

Soon however you will be able to enjoy all of the wonderful attention that your new adult dog will give you. - 32167

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My Puppy Is Biting Everything In His Path!- Please Help Me Train Him Before Its Too Late!

By Linda Cole

There's a movie I am watching on my living room floor about a wild boy named Jasper another victim in the world. He reminds of a criminal as he stalks through his day, caring not for consequence or anything in his way. A James Dean with attitude, his rebellion making waves as he seemed so oblivious to his actions his shame. Who is this mystery guy, this wrecking crew of sorts? This four legged angel, who had fallen from grace.

Jasper is a Maltese puppy all fluffy and white a sunshine disposition that can light up a room. His new mum is Amy who wanted a friend, something to cuddle and would never leave like the guy she had been living with but was no longer there. Happy ever after was her hopeful romance so Jasper came home and there new life began.

A dog is well known for his loyalty and love; They have answered a need for so many of us. Jasper was only six weeks old when Amy took him home but the owners of the pet shop had begun his socialization and he was ready for his life. Jasper and Amy seemed to bond at the start and they lived very happily in their quiet little street. This perfect scenario was soon due to end because the puppy was getting older and had a mind of his owned and without any guidance the situation had changed.

It's a shame that this union was heading for a fall, Jasper was getting older and his behaviour was out of control. Amy was so blinded by her puppy's sudden change he was biting and barking and the neighbours were taking note. So have you guessed who the criminal was in that movie earlier on, it was my disbelief at Jasper relieving himself on the floor. Amy was talking as if nothing was amiss in fact she was joking about whose turn it was to clean up my carpet which was slowly turning brown.

This loveable puppy that had started so well wasnowa menacing adult dog with a mind of his own. Jasper had been given no guidelines no rules and now he was a predator constantly on the prowl. Amy like others had not heeded the warnings and their seemed like a monster hungry for blood. Children need boundaries, to be taught write from wrong to become decent grown ups that are trusted and loved. Our puppies need training, to know they are loved, they look to us for guideline what they can do or not. If you are looking at a puppy you are thinking to own remember its for their lifetime and the work has just begun. - 32167

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Positive Experiences With Your Dog Training

By Adriana Noton

Dog training can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your pet when done in a positive manner and with the right attitude. Your dog just wants to please you and when you are both happy everyone has fun, so make it a fun experience. But when your pet starts bad behaviors you have to nip them in the bud. Like chewing for example.

Chewing is a natural behavior for a dog except when it occurs on your new Kenneth Cole boots. Chewing keeps their teeth and gums healthy and you will find a variety of toys and bones in the pet store. Dogs like to exercise their jaws so it is smart to get them a chew toy right away, like with the dog when you bring him home.

When a dog has his own toys to chew on he will be less tempted to chew on your favorite pair of Manolos. If you catch your puppy chewing on something he isn't supposed to tell him "No Chew" very monotone and sternly. Make him sit down and praise him for listening to your command to sit. Then give him a toy he can chew on to show him an example of what is okay.

Constantly praise him and reward him for good actions such as when they urinate in the correct area or when they play with and chew their toys. The reward system encourages good and consistent puppy training.

Keeping your pet off of the furniture is a big part of training him in the house. When he is on the furniture and he is not supposed to be tell him "Off" very sternly. Nudge him off of the furniture quickly by pushing his midsection with your knee or hand. Then make him sit. Praise him for obeying the sit command.

Crate training is a great way to train your puppy. It can be used to potty train your dog pretty quickly. Introduce the crate to your puppy slowly and put it in a place where he will get a lot of attention.

Put a towel or a blanket inside of the crate and play with the dog there. Encourage the dog to go inside by putting treats in there for him and leave his favorite toy just outside of the opening. Them move it to just inside of the crate and put treats inside. Don't force him to go in, let him get used to it and leave the door open during this time. It can take some time for him to get used to it.

The next step is to feed you dog near the crate, then after a few tries put the food inside. When you think he is comfortable close the door when he begins to eat inside of it and open the door when he is finished eating. Each time leave the door closed a little longer. If your dog cries leave him in there for about 10 minutes and don't react to his crying. Let the dog see you when he is inside. - 32167

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Toilet Training for Dogs - Tips from Animal Behaviorists

By Gisela Schiefer

Generally, dogs are very clean animals - they won't soil close to where they eat, or where they sleep. But living in a house is unnatural for an animal whose instincts would be to roam wherever she wants to go, so you will have to help her learn where and when she can relieve herself.

It is essential that you form good toilet habits for your dog as early on as possible. Trying to break the habit of a dog is quite difficult and it can be very frustrating. You need to use guidance and encouragement to help the pet. Animal behaviorists have some helpful tips that you can use to help with the housebreaking of your pet.

Believe it or not, dogs are sanitary creatures. If a dog does soil accidentally in the wrong place, it is likely that it will be far from his dog dish, at least six to ten feet. This is true for the place where the dog sleeps as well. But, unless you find a good place for her to go and train her in that manner, the rest of your house is okay to them.

The process for housebreaking a dog is the same if he is a puppy or an adult dog new to your home. You'll need to take him outside every few hours and also 30 minutes after he eats. Take your pet to the designated bathroom spot. Stay with the pet until she goes, and then praise her when she does. If she does not go, bring her back inside and try again in fifteen minutes. Watch her though. If the dog starts sniffing and circling take them out right away as this is a sign that she is about to go. Pay attention to her signs and take her out. Soon, she will relate to going outside to going to the bathroom.

Some dogs are housebroken much faster than others. Some dog's personality will cause her to go one way or the other. But, if you take her outside at the right time, it will go smoother. A puppy of less than four months old will need to go out during the night. Older puppies can hold it that long. A dog that cries to be let out has an urgent need. Get up and take her out, she needs every chance to succeed that she can get. Positive reinforcement is necessary for success.

How you treat accidents will affect your dog's overall learning curve. If you catch your dog going in the act, distract her with a clap or call her name. Take her outside calmly at that time and praise her for finishing outside. Clean up any accident that you find on the floor. If the dog approaches during this time, ignore her. Don't talk to or punish her at this point. The worst thing that you can do is to yell at her or physically punish her. This will cause her to fear you and to not bond as well to you. She won't connect it to the accident at all. Ignoring her is the best course of action here. - 32167

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A Couple Of Thoughts On Giving A Puppy A New Home

By Stanley Duray

If you don't mind having your carpet constantly being chewed up and your entire house being used as a toilet, and then you poorly won't mind putting up with all of the hassle that comes along with a new puppy. Whilst there will be in months, and possibly years of training involved, having a new puppy is a fantastic thing if anyone to do, as long as you love dogs that is! If you are more inclined to have less hassle and simply enjoy a much easier time with the dog that you have, then it might be a better idea to get a mature dog instead. If you do choose a puppy, here are some thoughts on giving a puppy a new home.

There are going to be quite a few things that you need to think about when you get your new puppy. Never say that he was warned, because you will be in for quite a ride over the next few years.

The first thing you need to look for is a puppy that has a completely clean bill of health. This will be the first thing that you need to check for when getting your new puppy, and if you notice any signs of illness or disease in the dog, then you should think about getting a different one.

The next thing that you need to look into is whether the puppy is fully socialised or not. Naturally a puppy is going to be very excitable and playful, but sometimes in the confines of a kennel these characteristics can be smothered to some extent. It is therefore going to be important view to try to spend some time alone with the puppy and bring its character out.

You really need to check on the puppy's personality in order to make sure that it is not too aggressive. It is okay to find a puppy that is a little bit reserved and shy, as this is perfectly natural in a shelter. However, finding a puppy that is overly aggressive is not going to be the best thing to do.

The last thing that you need to check on with your puppy is its breed. Of course, you may well have a specific breed in mind that you are after, but looking at the breed is also a fantastic way of finding out what sort of dog it might grow into. We all know that certain types of dogs can be prone to snap or lash out. You need to know what sort of dog you are getting before you commit to adopting one.

These are a few thoughts on adopting a cute little puppy. - 32167

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